Tantric Touch Therapy


This is a yummy theraputic bodywork and coaching session that I offer for both men, women and couples who suffer from intimacy issues as well as trouble connecting with your own body. I designed this session to be safe and comforting with consensus in every step of the way. Tantric Touch Therapy will help you to;

-Release sexual trauma
-Release stress and anxiety
-Lower blood pressure
-Helps to release pleasure chemicals saratonine and dopamine so you can think more    positive and have much better outlook in life
-Helps you with depression
-Helps to boost your life force energy
-Helps to be much more in tune with your body
-Become a better lover
-Gain confidence connecting with opposite sex
-Gain confidence to become more intimate with your partner
-Help raising your vibration
-Help manifesting and attracting better partner and relationship

In western culture, Tantra is soley focused and known for enlightenment through sex and sensual pleasure and have deviated into Neo-Tantra and Red-Tantra. However, original teachings of Tantra existed way before yoga era and Tantra simply means the way to conscious expansion and liberation.

In a nutshell, Tantra is a practice consisting of breath works, bodyworks, meditation, and rituals which will all helps to raise one’s vibration getting into the body and fully being engaged in the present moment which is like being in a deep meditative state where no negative and destructive thoughts can exist.

Here is an interesting but simple fact- if a baby never get a human touch and being withheld any affection, a baby will result in rapid weakening of a baby’s immunity resulting in death even with a proper nutrition and care given.

Giving and receiving affection is very important part of human life. In our stress filled modern lives, so many of us can easily fall victim to having lack in human touch. A stress can lead couples into violent communication and disconnection between the two where if knowing a simple breathing and intimate bonding technique can prevent such circumstances and can save the relationship.

Inability to feel orgasmic pleasure and sensual bliss and ED is another unfortunate health issue which usually stems from deep wounds, a flight or fight response to fear, guilt and shame. Practicing Tantra can overcome those conditions and give new meanings to fully existing in your body, be able to sense and feel the gift of pleasure that is a birthright sacred gift to you and to be shared with your lover.

Please be aware that this session will not include any genital touching, release and nudity. The goal of this session is never about having an orgasmic release and promoting lustfulness. I will teach and guide you into techniques that can explode your capacity to better orgasm and pleasure where you can practice at your comfort of your own privacy with or without your partner.

The session will be focused strictly on theraputic aspects while you are receiving a hands on bodywork during our session.

60 minute session (Tantra rituals, tantric breathwork and bodywork)……………………$150

90 min session (Tantra rituals, tantric breathwork, ki-flow activation + energy healing and bodywork)…………………………..$200

Couple session (Tantric rituals, breathwork, ki-flow activation and Tantric worship demonstration)…………………………………………$300

To book a session simply send me an e-mail or call/text for faster response.
+1 (424)291-2236