Sacred Journey Community Hike @ Modjeska Canyon, CA

Join us for a wholesome experience, reconnecting with mother earth GAIA, healing the body mind soul connection with breath, movement, meditation and sound. We will first hike (20 minutes light to moderate levels) through the gorgeous Modjeska Canyon, then enjoy the Yoga flow lead by Devina followed by deep guided meditation journey lead by Kendra.Continue reading “Sacred Journey Community Hike @ Modjeska Canyon, CA”

Manifestation Magic & Vision Boarding Workshop

Learn the art of manifestation and the Law of Attraction techniques that will help you to become the magnet to attract what your heart desires and create the reality you want in your life. The first part of the workshop, you will be introduced to a human energy system known as the chakra system, howContinue reading “Manifestation Magic & Vision Boarding Workshop”

Marina Social Mixer & Sound Journey

Marina Social Mixer & Sound Journey Hosted by Amaya + Healing Sound Alchemy Join us for an eclectic social gathering overlooking the beautiful pacific ocean right on the marina’s edge. We’ll begin our evening with an inspirational talk by Amaya and continue with an immersion into the Alchemist’s Sound Lab experience brought to you byContinue reading “Marina Social Mixer & Sound Journey”

Alchemical Breathwork Sound Bath

The Alchemical Breathwork Sound Bath is designed to release antiquated fear-based templates leading to usher in light activation of DNA, aligning you to resonate into a higher dimensional New Earth frequency. We open up our powerful healing session with the Shamanic four direction and smudging ceremony creating a safe entry and sacred space for ourContinue reading “Alchemical Breathwork Sound Bath”

The Alchemist’s Sound Lab

Buy Tickets Here Healing Sound Alchemy presents: “The Alchemist’s Sound Lab” an experiential convergence in order to unify and cultivate deeper connections. Andrea Saenz and Naseem Murakami are artists, educators and sound scientists who offer high vibrational living experiences. Our mission is to facilitate healing and transformation through music, healing arts, dance and mindful practices. In order to upliftContinue reading “The Alchemist’s Sound Lab”

Healing Sound Alchemy Presents Ascension Sound Bath

This is our signature Reiki infused sound bath that’s designed to release old fear-based templates and ushering the light activation of your DNA, aligning you to resonate into a higher dimensional New Earth frequency. You will first be transported into a shamanic experience by the nature and animal sound medicine for deep grounding and purgingContinue reading “Healing Sound Alchemy Presents Ascension Sound Bath”

Beach Sound Bath Meditation & Reiki

2hrs of fun, learning and healing experience! Guided Meditation Group Reiki & Sound Healing Breathwork Snacks and drinks provided Mini workshop on learning ways to raise your vibration Hosted at the gorgeous Laguna Beach, CA!! This event occurs weekly on multiple dates. Booking required to attend  

Sacred Space – Crystal Grid Meditation & Reiki Healing Circle

Experience the wonderful gift of Reiki to remove your energy blocks, heal and attract more positive things into your life!! Join us for this intimate weekly Reiki Healing Circle with 432hz sound healing meditation and crystal grid ceremony taking place at the Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio in Tustin, CA. We will gather aroundContinue reading “Sacred Space – Crystal Grid Meditation & Reiki Healing Circle”

Sound Bath Therapy

Come and experience the healing power of sounds that will penetrate deeper on a cellular level for a restorative healing, cleansing and transformation for your mind, body and spirit. Sound bath can transport you into a deep relaxed meditative state, disrupting any negative influences and thoughts pattern rewiring your brain into a peaceful and optimalContinue reading “Sound Bath Therapy”