2016-09-15-00-28-51Light Body Activation & Ascension Workshop

Held on monthly @ Peace Yoga Gallery Downtown Los Angeles. We discuss about Ascension updates, light language transmission and much more!

tcgn_crystal_grid_for_the_birds1-700x400_cSacred Space -Crystal Grid + Reiki Healing Circle
   Held on weekly Monday nights @ Peace Yoga Gallery Downtown Los Angeles. Experience Reiki with healing sound meditation and crystal grid ceremony.

Getting reiki therapyReiki Level 1 & 2 Certification Class

A 4 hour workshop to learn and be trained in  traditional Usui Shiki Ryo-Ho for practitioner certification with attunement in Los Angeles.

raise-your-vibration-law-of-attraction-cHigh Vibe Living Workshop

This is a 2 day weekend intensive workshop teaching you the practical guide on how to raise your vibrations and transition into a healthy and harmonious lifestyle to maximize your manifestation power and to attract more abundance into your life.


Practical Dowsing Workshop (Coming Soon!!)

Learn how to use pendulum properly, safe and other practical ways to conduct dowsing to recieve the acurate answers to your questions and communicate with your higher-self.

ix-chel-lisa-irisGoddess Embodiment Workshop (Coming Soon!!) Learn the archetypes and what the various goddess deities represents. Learn the ways to embody them so you can channel their wisdom and power to navigate through out your life more easily and from an empowering place. This practice can ultimately help you realize to manifest your own unique goddess nature and to love, respect and honor yourself                                                                                             more.