2016-09-15-00-28-51Light Body Activation & Ascension Workshop

Held once a month at various locations. We discuss about Ascension updates, light language transmission and much more!


tcgn_crystal_grid_for_the_birds1-700x400_cSacred Space -Crystal Grid + Reiki Healing Circle
   Held on weekly Monday nights @ Mystic Water Kava Bar & Wellness Center in Huntington Beach, CA. Experience Reiki with healing sound meditation and crystal grid ceremony.



preview (1)Beachside Guided Meditation & Energy Healing

A Beachside Guided Meditation, Reiki & Sound Healing with a mini workshop learning about the ways to raise your vibrations. Enjoy the Raw Vegan treats, music jam and dancing by the bon fire ’til sunset!

Getting reiki therapyReiki Level 1 & 2 Certification Class

A 5-6 hour workshop to learn and be trained in  traditional Usui Shiki Ryo-Ho for practitioner certification with attunement.



raise-your-vibration-law-of-attraction-cHigh Viber Workshop & Retreat

This a full day of healing, activations and intensive workshop teaching you the practical guide on how to raise your vibrations and transition into a healthy and harmonious lifestyle to maximize your manifestation power, discover or refine life purpose, helps you to be in an alignment with your true self and help you create the best version of yourself. This workshop is currently offered during the Healing Sound Alchemy‘s Elixir of Life Retreats and Dakini Power Temple‘s workshops and retreats.